Saturday, August 14, 2010

For a childhood friend

A special set for a special childhood friend...

I made this set for a great friend. Growing up on the same street and over the "hana-bada" days, we've created a friendship that will last a lifetime! She'll be moving to North Dakota to get her masters in Kinesiology. We always laughed about the good ol' days, where we would ride our bikes up and down the street, playing at each other houses, going to the "Mansion", and simply put BEING KIDS! :D I'd made this set just for her because, as you can tell...she has a thing for penguins.

All penguins are made with "Create a Critter" Cricut Cartridge

My BIG oops but beautiful creation!
I didn't take Debi's class for Distress Inking, I didn't look online for any instructions, I just played and made a big oops. Stubbron headed me, I thought I could figure it out. I versa'd, pearl ex'd, and then tried to distress. Got so sad when I found out that I did it all backwards! :( So I took my creation and worked around it.

Enjoy crafting!

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Donna said...

Kelli, You certainly were on a calendar making roll! I just love the penguin set, especially the ribbon. Just how did you do that? It looks so very pretty. Well, I don't suppose we will see to many pretties from you for awhile with school and then your Christmas present that will be coming from Santa.....hmmm will it be a boy or a girl. We are all so excited. Love You, Donna