Friday, June 26, 2009

You gotta see this!

Hey guys! My husband's cousin came over a few weeks ago and we (James, Shawn (James' brother), Leah, Sergee, and Yasha) had lunch together at Liliokalani. Here are some ADORABLE pictures that we took together, the EXTREMELY cute ones are with Yasha and Shawn.

Leah, Sergee, and Yasha
Baby Yasha
Mommy and Baby
Uncle and Baby

These are the moments that touch your heart!

I will be scraping these moments as soon as the credit card balance goes down. ;) From what I learned, crafting can rack up your bill VERY QUICKLY! Nitey nite guys, I gotta go to sleep (I still haven't prep for tomorrow's class! EEEKK! Tonight, I was enjoying my beer, soy beans, my hubbie and Shawns company). G'Night! I'll be up at 6 am to prep.

Shaker Box Card Class

Wednesday, June 24, 2009 1st Row (L-R): Tracy, Donna and Angie
2nd Row (L-R): Susan, Mary, and me

It's been a while since I taught a class, I had so much fun teaching again! It really picked me up! But when I think about it, it was the people who came, that made me laugh and had fun! Thanks guys for a wonderful time!

P.S. Another good flesh blending colors are: E50, E51 and E53.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

A Wonderful Sunset

Hi everyone! Sorry I have not done much lately, James and I had our anniversary on Thursday, and we headed over to Waikoloa Friday afternoon. This picture was from Saturday. We had such a wonderful time!

On Friday, we checked in and got ready for dinner, James made dinner reservations at Roy’s. The food there was delicious, amazing, awesome, the best! Saturday, we woke up around 8am, had breakfast ordered to our room, our friends came over around 12pm, we swam in the pool all day (James and I got BURNT!) after our friends left, drove into Kona, and went to Petco (we bought our kitties a new toy) and we ate at Genki Sushi. We had to put the menu next to the belt so we could see what we were eating. Then we came back to Waikoloa, saw the sunset, went back to our room and watched a movie. This morning, after waking up in pain from the sun-burn, somehow made it down to the restaurant and ate at the breakfast buffet. The funniest part about breakfast was, James made his plate and took it to the table, came back to grab juice for us and was waiting with me for my toast to finish. When my toast finished, we looked at our table, and I kid you not, there was 15 BIRDS EATING HIS BREAKFAST!!! LMAO!!! We totally forgot to take a picture of that moment! Dough! The birds even took one entire piece of bacon! Poor baby had to redo his plate. Packed up and now we are back at home.

We had wonderful time at the Marriott, we are glad to be home, but surely miss staying at a hotel. Until later...have a great day!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Hubbie's Anniversary Card

This is what I made for my hunnie for our anniversary. <3
OMG! THIS IS MY FOURTH TIME TRYING TO POST THIS THING! GGGGRRRRRRRRRR! (PULLING OUT MY HAIR!) Okay, for the fourth time...hopefully this time my post will post!
I wish I could give you guys the details that I used to make this card but, I kinda forget...Sorry! My main theme was our wedding colors (white and pink) and keeping it simple (black and white). But if you would like to learn how to make this Magic Card, check out Island Scrapbooking blog and sign up. You gotta HURRY! The class is filling up quick! There's only 2 sessions offered (one is closed) and only FOUR seats per session!
Other than that, I hope this posts! Have a great day!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Don't know what to do with your COPIC's...?

Hey everyone, I hope you are having a better Tuesday than me! I caught a head cold! YUCK! But after two Tylenol Cold Head Congestion 'Severe', tanking Alka-Seltzer Plus 'Cold Formula' (Orange Zest), and blowing my little nose out...I feel some what normal. Yey! Normal!

Anyway, I was down at the store earlier, and I remember Donna asking about the Copic's. I told her I have a link on my blog, but I figured, everyone would like to know about it. So here's a blog that show's you VIDEO's about Copic's and also GIVES you .pdf about Copic's! It's on the SIDEBAR on your RIGHT side, look for "Copic Video Tutorials ©Suzanne Dean". They're REALLY AWESOME!
Hope this helps!

Island Surfer Boy/No Layer Card #3

The products I used to make this card was: Dreamweavers LJ 838 (Waves), inked with Memento Dye Inks: Danube Blue and Summer Sky, Bo Bunny Light Blue Ribbon, and the Hibiscus flowers are from Island Scrapbooking, the “Island Surf” is actually a decal (that you can buy at Island Scrapbooking), and the glitter you see in the waves is actually Diamond Stickles.

Big Island Girl/No Layer Card #2

The Big Island cut is from my favorite store, Island Scrapbooking! I used blue chalk to make the ocean, the honu (turtle) stamp is from Mari and Me. I stamped the honu with Versa Mark, FIRST, and then chalked over it. Also, Hero Arts Flowers and large Pearls; and of course, Copics and HG Sing.

Keeping you in the loop!

Hey, I just wanted to let you guys know that summer school has started. I will still be crafting just, not as much. If I have the chance to craft after I finish my studies, I jump on it!

Monday, June 15, 2009

True American Heros

Card #1 for the No Layers Challenge by The Greeting Farm.

One of our friends serves in the Army Reserves. We just recently saw him in May and shortly there after, had to go back over seas. Since then, I've been thinking about him and wanting to make him a card just, to say "Thanks for serving our country". By the way... in a few months, I'll be making his wedding card. I'm so happy for them! *tear*

Anyway! Products I used for this card:

MUST, MUST, MUST: Hero Set from The Greeting Farm (Military Ian, American Flag, Silver Circle Star Thing-ie, and "True Hero" were used in this card)
Stampcraft "Color Brushers" (the American Flags), Encore! Ultimate Metalic - Silver, Crystal Stickers - Stars (Large and Small), Plantin SchoolBook (silver stars on string), Red-White-Blue String, and Echizen Silver from Hanko Designs (silver stars on string)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Magic Card Class!


...after! SO COOL!
Here's a closer view of mine and Tracy's card...

Aren't these cards awesome! It's so cool! Thank you Jenny for teaching us how to make it! I will be making one for my husband, our anniversary is coming up next week, he'll love it so much!

If you guys want to learn how to make this card, Jenny will be teaching it NEXT month (July). Check out Island Scrapbooking' Blog ( for class schedule, cost, and class details.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Happy Wednesday and Happy Birthday to DONNA~!

Happy Wednesday! Today we had a wonderful birthday party (down at Island Scrapbooking, of course) for Donna! Happy Birhday Donna (again). We love you and appreciate everything that you do for us and the store! I'm so glad, we made your day feel extra special (well, I hope we did!) =P

But, in other news today, until Michele got in "The Greeting Farm" stamps and since I started surfing their webpage, I noticed their "Digital Stamps". Didn't understand what they were, or how it worked, I bought some...and can you guess what were the results...? Yeah, I LOVE THEM! When I got home, I googled "Digital Stamps" and found a blog that listed a DIGITAL STAMP HEAVEN! I added it to my side bar, but here it is Hopefully, I linked that correctly (Sorry, I'm still new at this and just going with the flow). Look on the RIGHT SIDE BAR, under "Digital Stamp Sites". I just looked at the first website and...let's just say...WOW! Cute, cute, cute!

Anyway, enjoy...I hope you find it helpful!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I spy with my little eye...AGAIN...

a some what more organized craft room. Hey, I'm only human (meaning, that's as clean as it'll get...I know, I know, it could be better). The four boxes that you see in front of my little table there is the wedding center pieces for this weekend (hopefully I can get some nice pictures of it, in action!). =) Ha! Look on the top of my desk, I think I got side tracked and started making another card. Heehee. It's 2 am and I going to bed. Nightie Night.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Blk & Wht Challenge Card #4

UGH! My brain is fried and my body is pooped! This is my last card I'll be submitting! I would first like to say Thank You to my girls at Island Scrapbooking! They had helped me out with this layout. You guys are the bestest and I couldn’t have done it without you. *hugs*

Products used:
Ebony Cardstock, Mirri Silver, Linen Cardstock, Dreamweaver Stencil - LJ 827, "Mahalo" stamp is from Mari and Me, HG Sing Stamp, Copic Pens (C1, C3, C5, and a pen), Versa Color - Black, and the Monestera's are a custom creation from Island Scrapbooking (Thank you Michele!).

Helpful Hints!
I tried using Memory Mists’ on the Dreamweaver Stencil but I didn't like it...sorry, I'm a picky person! I inked the stencil with Versa Color - Black, using a small brush to get into those tiny areas. Since the stencil didn't fit the card I was making I had to do this TWICE! Heehee, you can't see where one meets the other! Yey!

The other tip I can give you is: with a black pen, outline the ukulele (it helps to bring out the ukulele).

Blk & Wht Challenge Card #3

Sorry, my photo is kinda fuzzy...I tried to take a good picture, I promise! Guess I need to work on taking better pictures. Anyway, my husband really, really, really liked this layout but I was having a difficult time trying to put some kind of sentiment on it. So I turned it into an interactive card. It's not one of my best works but I put another card into the Greeting Card Challenge. Yey!

Products Used:
Ebony Cardstock, Silver Metallic Cardstock, Mirri Silver Cardstock, Glossy White Cardstock, Cuttlebug's Embossing Folder - Flora Screen, Fairy Eva, Copic Pens (C3, C5, and C7), Stickles - Silver, Big Kick or Big Shot, ruler, exacto knife, two nickles, and a pop-dot (see more info at bottom).

Helpful Hints!
For the wings, color it with Copic Color C-5 first, then apply the Sickles Silver to it.

Don't understand what the two nickles and the pop-dot is for...tell Michele at Island Scrapbooking to schedule another "Interactive Card Class, the one with the two nickles". IF there is enough requests, she'll ask me to do another class.(Sorry, this is only limited to folks on the Big Island)

Sunday, June 7, 2009

I spy with my little eye...

A VERY MESSY CRAFT ROOM! After two days of playing my room is a mess! I was on a mission to clean it but...I got bored and tired and lazy. Heehee. I'm sure I'll clean it one day. ;)

Black and White Contest for The Greeting Farm

I made these two cards to enter in the Greeting Farm’s Contest/Challenge. You can only use black, white, and gray. NO OTHER COLORS! At first, I was having a difficult time; it actually took me a while to design a card in my head! I had fun though. I'm actually thinking about making one more card. One of the biggest challenges I had with this project was: I couldn't upload my pictures of my cards to the Greeting Farm's Gallery! I emailed the company and she said that they were having problems with the gallery so just email her the pictures. Just finished doing that and I thought it would be nice to update my blog. ;)

I'm so excited! This is actually my first contest that I'm entering! This past week has really been an eye opener for me; I'm doing a lot of things for the first time. Yey! =)

I wish the best of luck to anyone else who entered. Check out the Greeting Farm's blog ( for contest details. Deadline is Tuesday, June 9th! SO.....STOP READING AND GO AND MAKE A CARD! =P

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My first and LAST!!!

My old boss (she is my favorite boss because she was the one who matured me when I was working for her) asked me to make the centerpieces for the head table for her son's wedding. Honored to do it, but I was scared at the same time. All she had given me was the candleholder and asked me if I would do my magic! I WAS SCARED! I was doing my FIRST centerpiece for the HEAD table! AAHHH!!! Nevertheless, that is how she taught me to be; she put me in positions where I have never thought I could do something but was somehow successful when I was done. I love her for that. I had a lot of help for Michele, Tracy, and Donna (the other girls down at Island Scrapbooking). I could not have done it without them! Thanks you guys, love you!

I used ALOT of products! From Glue Dots, to punches, to gemstones, to flower wire, tape, foam, to Memories Mists! I even bought fake flowers, pulled the flowers off, and put my flowers back on! After three full days of making four centerpieces and about a week of planning, I am finally relaxing and ready to play with my stamps!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Up in Space

So this is my first official post. Kool! Hopefully I can keep this up. :)

Products I used to make this card:
Space Ian, Bazzil Cardstock, Mirri Silver Paper, Silver Mizuhiki Paper Cord, Copic Pens, Star Gem Stones (small and large), Cricut Paperdolls Collection (for the rocket), 3mm fun foam, 2 pennies and small round pop-dots.