Wednesday, July 29, 2009

5 Special Gifts for 5 Special Friends! <3

I made little gifts for today's play date down at Island Scrapbooking. They (Michele, Tracy, Donna, Debi, and Jenny) are such wonderful friends to have! We are always giving each other tips, tricks, ideas and of course, gifts. It's so funny because when I finished making these sets, I thought to myself "Donna going to ask me how to make this tomorrow. I should make her the instructions while I'm not lazy." Today when I gave everyone their gifts, Donna asked me: "So is this with Big Island Packaging Bags?" I said, "yup that's the one". Here's what I knew what was coming: "How'd you make this?" I chuckled as I gave her the instructions while she was asking how I made them their gifts. She laughed and said, "you know me don't cha!" We all had a wonderful day today, I finished my presents for my accounting club executives, I'll post the picture after Friday. That's when they will be getting it and I don't want to spoil their surprise! Until then hope your have a great week so far!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Piece by Piece Card...

My hunny comes home today and tells me that it's one of our good friend's birthday today! These are the times where I am really thankful that I can just whip up a card! Now this card is so cool! It's a double slider card! My first one I made and I know that I'll be making more of it! In fact, I'm making another one tomorrow for another one of hunny's friend. Kudos goes out to Jenny for the inspiration of this card! But man...this card was "pieced" together! And for that part of the card, kudo's goes out to Tracy! She actually thought of Ian and the race car part! So there's a list on the products I've used. And one more sad tib-bit, I only have this one picture. I out the card into the envelope and totally forgot to snap the camera.

So the products I used:

Paper: American Crafts - Spring/Summer 12x12 cardstock, Bazzill's Lava Red Cardstock, Bazzill's Ebony Cardstock, Bazzill's Prince Charming Bling Cardstock, some kinda gray cardstock from Bazzill (no surprise there) and Mirri Silver Cardstock. I just realized this photo isn't the finished picture so, that means, there's a bright green Bazzill cardstock that I used for the base.

Stamps: Surfer Boy Ian from TGF, "Celebrate All Day" by Hero Arts (CL292), and "Designer Alphabet" by Hero Arts (CL069).

Embellishments: Happy Birthday Ribbon is from American Crafts, I also used embroidery thread (not shown), Copic Markers, Crop-a-dile, eyelets, buttons, Circuit Machine, Circuit Cartridge: Paper Doll Dress Up and Street Sign.

Hope you have a great night! I have more to post but I made presents for my friends (and they check my blog, as I do with theirs) so I'll post it tomorrow after our play date!

Saturday, July 25, 2009


Hey everyone! Sorry I haven't been posting much this past week. This week was actually my last week of summer school and my final was on Friday. The final was CRAZY~! We only had 6 questions and I took the full hour and half to finish it! When I walked out of there my brain was MUSH! But I have wonderful news to report, well, TWO things to report: 1) I have four weeks of freedom until my Fall semester starts! Woohoo! CRAFTING HERE I COME! and 2) I GOT AN A IN CALCULUS! Yey! Mommy and Daddy will be so proud when I tell them! Well, I'm off to the drags. I hope I'll be able to craft tonight. =) Enjoy your day!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Baby Azumi!

NO! NOT A HUMAN BABY! (We are SO NOT ready! We don't even want one until YEARS LATER!) But hubbie comes home with a surprise last night; her name is Azumi. Right now, she's playing with a toy bird thing. Can you guess what it is? Yup, it's a kitten. It's interesting to have a kitten in the house again. We already have 2 boys and they get along great. Yoshi (the friendly kitty) is getting to know Azumi, and Touge (the shy, mama's boy baby) well, he is what he is, a mama's boy. All he wants it my attention. Here's some pictures of our new baby!

Saturday, July 18, 2009


It was so MUGGY this morning! Eew! Nasty! Today was so gloomy, rain, rain, rain, and you know it, more rain! It finally stopped raining at my house (it's 11-ish). So can you guess what I did tonight AND today? Yup, I did LAUNDRY! Ha! Never guessed that one did you! LOL! I'm such a dork and I know it an love it. Hunnie washed the clothes and I put it away, then I straightened up my closet, vacumed my room, made some soy-beans ( milk....[sorry, I'm hungry again]) and in between all this I made this for myself:

Isn't she pretty! It's a digi stamp from InStyle Stamps, her name is Mykai. I love asian themed things! So here's the 411:

I made my own template to fit a Jr. Legal Notepad (I bought the notepad from Office Max) and it uses a full 12x12 sheet. Cardstock that was used:Bazzill's Ebony, Bazzill's Cardinal (I think...) and the washi paper, has no name (of course! grr!) Copic colors that I used: E50, R30, E47, E79, BG01, and BG23. Oh! I almost forgot! and Atyou Spica (that's those glitter pens) Turquoise.

Well guys...enjoy your night.

Friday, July 17, 2009


Hey everyone! IT'S ALOHA FRIDAY, NO SCHOOL TILL MONDAY! Sorry, I changed the song to match me. Heehee!This is my FIRST card that I'm submitting for Mojo Monday. I just realized it's really plain. *Gotta make better cards...*

Well, here's the supply list:


Bazzill Bitter Chocolate and American Crafts Backyard 12x12 (all it has is the stock numbers: 34698 and 34703). The American Crafts paper is double sided so I just used the back side to make more layers.

Everything else is basic; I didn't even blend my colors this time. I'm just going for simplicity. Well, I'm off to homework and hopefully I'll be able to craft tonight. HAPPY FRIDAY!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Quick Birthday Card

Wasn't it a beautiful day in Hilo today!?! Blue skies, the sun shinning, cool trade winds. Hope you had a wonderful day. If you didn't have a best-est day every, you still have a few hours to craft! So find something to craft and make tonight a spectacular night of crafting! =)

It's 6:20 pm and I just spent 20 minutes making this card. The entire day (9:30 am - a few minutes ago), I was working on my math (that's not even including class today!). Ugh too: re-taking tests, anti-derivatives, and reversing the chain rule. Yeah, I don't get it either! My brain hurts just thinking about it.

I had to whip up a birthday card for one of our friends (of course, her birthday is tonight and I waited till the last minute). I'm so glad for card websites! Giving me quick inspirations when I need to make the card NOW! You know what I mean?

Anyway, this card is simple to make:

Bazzill Smoothies - Watermelon Sensation
Light Yellow Cardstock (yup, the same one from the other card, still don't know the name)
Doodlebug's Pink Lemonade Plaid

Hero Arts Ink n'Stamp - Sweets
Hero Arts Clear Stamps - Birthday Sayings

Hero Arts Spring Flower Art
Green Ribbon

Other tools used:
Die Cutting System
Spellbinders Nestabilities - Small Deckled Rectangles
Memento's Dye Ink - Tuxedo Black and New Sprout

Now, off to waking up hunny, drag him down to Ben Franks, picking up a gift certificate, then head over to their house and having BBQ for dinner! YUMMY YUMMY FOR MY TUMMY! The birthday girl is into beading (is that what it's called...? I was going to say bead-making, but it's not bead-making. You know what I mean...the thing you use with bead to make jewerly). LOL! *Talk about brain-farts tonight! Sorry...

Have a great night!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Supplies, Supplies Challenge by TGF

I love Flutter Anya! She is SO CUTE! But here's my card for this weeks challenge. The saying, "The Sky's the Limit" is actually from the new stamp set from TGF but Michele didn't get it in yet. So I copied the image into Paint, save it, re-opend with Window's Photo Gallery, and printed their image to a 4x6 size, and traced it on to the card. Silly I know, I just hope that people will think it's the actual stamp! =P All the other saying's DID NOT MATCH! I was going to use: Remember to Laugh, Laughter is Magic, or Bringing you a Smile, it just didn't work. Even my hubbie said that none of those sayings matched; he really like this one.

Here's the supplies I used to make this card:

Light Yellow Cardstock from Bazzill (sorry, lost the package and I don't know the name)
Doodlebug's Sugarcoated Lily White (White) Cardstock
Doodlebug's Sugarcoated Buttercream (Light Yellow) Cardstock
Doodlebut's Sugarcoated Bumblebee (Yellow) Cardstock
White Cardstock

TGF Flutter Anya (inked with Memento Tuxedo Black)
Hero Arts - Cloud Stamp (inked with Cyan Versa Color)

Copic Colors:
Hair: E33, E35, and E37
Skin: YR000, YR20 and E21
Wings: Y02 and Y06
Outfit and Hearts: B05

Stickles Glitter Glue - Yellow
Hero Arts Faceted Clear Gemstones
Small Star Punch

The glitter cloud (with stars) was cut with the Cricut, I believe it's the Paperdoll Collection. Within the stars are smaller stars, which were punched and glued on. I followed a pattern for the gemstones, i used "In Stitch'z" by Bazzill - flourishes templates. These templates are pretty cool too, you are supposed to actually poke holes in the paper and create a stiched design. Now I'm off to go and do homework. =( Until then, that's for checking me out, have a great night!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

TGF Supplies, Supplies Challenge

Hey everyone, sorry I haven't posted much. I've been busy with school, then the shop, and of course, my hunny bunny comes first. Last night I was really inspired by other people's coloring technique; so I tried it for myself. I've always had a problem with the hair but it's actually looks "okay" to me. This week’s challenge for TGF (The Greeting Farm) was Supplies, Supplies. The rules are simple: Two TGF Stamps, one punch, and bling. That's it! It did take me awhile to figure out what to do, I was supposed to use another paper but I liked this one better.

Here's the supplies I used: Bazzil's Bubble Blue Cardstock, Tsunigi Bright Green Cardstock, Heidi Grace Designs - Beyond the Sea/Sea Bed Double Sided Cardstock Paper, Jolee's Dimensional Stickers - Sea Horses, Martha Stewart Crafts - Crab Punch, Carla Craft - Small Sakura Punch, Hero Arts Gemstones - Assorted Crystal Gemstones, Mermaid Anya Stamp, and the word "Fintastic" is from the Down by the Pond stamp set.

I'm always trying to learn how to color with my Copics, and trying to figure out nice color combinations for skin tones and hair color. So here's what I did:

Skin Tone:
  1. YR000 - Silk
  2. YR20 - Yellowish Shade

E21 - Baby Skin Pink (JUST for shadow ONLY)


  1. BV02 - Prune
  2. BV13 - Hydrangea Blue
  3. BV17 - Deep Reddish Blue

Eyeshadow and Seashells:

  1. B52 - Soft Greenish Blue


  1. G05 - Emerald Green
  2. G17 - Forest Green

Enjoy and have fun!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

FFF Sketch - 50's Sweetheart

Talk about simplicity! I could of done better. Oh well! Maybe the next one. =)

Products used:

Digi Stamp - 50's Sweetheart, American Crafts - 12x12 paper (sorry it's not giving me a name), Sei Mon Coeur 12x12, Bazzil's Coconut Swirl Cardstock, Bazzil's Quartz Cardstock, American Crafts Premium Ribbon, Hero Arts Heart Accent Pearls, Stickles Cotton Candy, and Copics.

Sorry guys, I wasn't paying attention to what colors I was using.

FFF Sketch - Flutter

I really had fun making this card! Mainly because it's two different designs but the same company.

Products used:
Sei Cherie 12x12, Sei Mon Coeur 12x12, Mocha Devine Cardstock, Quartz Cardstock, Mirri Silver Cardstock, Brown Ribbon, Hero Arts Heart Accent Pearl, Flutter Anya and Copic Markers

Colors I used for the Anya are: E50 (Skin), Y00, Y02, and Y06 (Hair), R30 and RV42 (Outfit and Wings)

Friday, July 3, 2009

Dotty Spotty Challenge from TGF

I really like doing these weekly challenges. It feels like doing these challenges exposes me to using different designs that I wouldn't normally use. That reminds me...someone told me about Hero Arts Blog Challenges. Gotta check that out after this! Well, enjoy.

Supplies I used to make this card:
doodlebug Sugar Coated Paper, Parakeet Cardstock, BoBunny Double Sided "Sage" Ribbon, HG Snuggle Stamp, Lucky Bunnies Stamp Set, and Copic Markers

Products used to make this card:
Parakeet Cardstock, Bitter Chocolate Cardstock, BoBunny Light Pink Cardstock, I forget the green poka-dot paper, Hero Arts Poka Dot Stamp, Flutter Anya Stamps, Copic Markers, Cricut, and Cookie Cutters by Quickutz.

Sorry it's so short and to the point...