Saturday, September 25, 2010

Baby Onesie's Project

My big turtle...
My little turtle and...
My froggie

I had such a blast making all these onesies! But, I gotta tell you guys this store while making these onesies. LOL. First, I was trying to calculate how many 12x12 sheets I'll need, since it's the weekend, I'm lazy and grabbed my calculator. I know that I can make 2 onesies on 1 12x12 sheet...with me so far? K...then I thought I was making 18 turtles and 18 frogs, so that equals to 36 onesies. Here's the first brain fart...I went on my calculator: 18+18=36, then went..36 divided by 2. LOL when I saw the answer. It gets more interesting as the day goes on. Then somehow I miss placed my exacto knife...thought I left it in my craft room, not there...went to the living room, not there...remembered that baby was hungry and checked the kitchen, not there...went to the car, not there. OMG I was so worried that I put it someplace weird, texted my hunnie told him be careful when you get home because there's a VERY SHARP exacto knife somewhere in our house. I really needed an exacto knife...went down to Island Scrapbooking, picked up another exacto knife, the correct amount of 12x12 paper and bought a crap load of stuff. Came home and started working on this project. As the night went on, FINALLY finished cutting out ALL the pieces I needed, started gluing things on. Fortunately, during this time I found my old exacto knife that I thought I was under my keyboard. I started to think to myself: OMG, how am I gonna survive when I have a baby in the house???? I can't be doing this kinda of stupid things. But picked myself up and went back to crafting. Lastly I made my BIGGEST brain fart ever. I ended up making 18 one-inch turtles, 18 one and a quarter inch turtles, and 18 froggies. Somehow my brain thought 18+18+18=36! LMAO. OMG, what a night! It's been crazy but so enjoyable to craft ALL DAY LONG! :D

Special thanks to my gf Stephanie Diec for helping me make all of these! It was so fun to craft with you! We definitely need to do it again! :D

OH! Btw, to top it all off...I didn't even make 36 oneies...I miscalculated again. We ended up only making 32. must of been on crazy night, that night when I was cutting everything.

Here's everything I used to make these onesies:
Cardstock: Bazzill White, Bazzill Hillary, Bazzill Parakeet, Bazzill Bitter Chocolate, and a Bazzill Pink (sorry, don't know the exact name)
Stamps: Hero Arts Raindrop Background (S5101)
Ink: Tsukineko Memento Dew Drop - New Sprout
Sizzix: XL Die Baby Onesie, Embossing Folder - Burlap & Swirls Set (656645)
Spellbinders: Classic Scalloped Circles
Cricut: Create a Critter for turltes and froggies
Silver Quicklets

Hope you guys had a chuckle out of my day. I know I'm still laughing.

Happy crafting everyone!


Jenny said...

Hey- now don't you have to make them pink???

Kelli said...

I know...but these are just my thank yous for my family baby shower. I'll be working on 60 shower cards this weekend...that are pretty pink! :)