Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Daddy's Birthday

Last month my papa made a young 74 years old. No, I didn't get that mixed up with 47, he's a very handsome 74. He's my superman. Since his niece and her other half was on the island, the family went and spent the night in Waikoloa. We had a DELICIOUS dinner at Roy's, baby was very happy with everything!

Daddy (left) and Uncle Tom (right)
I love this picture! I absolutely love my dad's laugh and smile.

So the plate says, "Congratulations" there's a story to this. One of James' and I great friends works at Roy's. Every opportunity we have to eat at Roy's we always request our friend. So our friend hooked us (James and I) up with their DELICIOUS chocolate cake, with OOZING WARM chocolate sauce in the middle. :9 Our friend celebrated our wonderful blessing still growing in my belly. Baby LOVED every moment My mom forgot to tell Roy's that it was Daddy's and Uncle Tom's birthday, so we shared the cake with Dad and Uncle Tom.

Me and my hunnie

My family

My dad is a huge golfer! He's golfing every Thursday, (most) Fridays, Saturday, and Sunday. Here's my gift and card for his birthday:
And because we're expecting and I'm gonna cherish every moment when dad holds his grandchild...
The supplies I used (for the card)
Pooh Font Cricut Cartridge
Seeing Spots Cuttlebug Embossing Folder

I had Embroidery Hawaii do the "I <3 Grandpa" on the baby outfit.

Well, hope everyone is having a great week. I need to hit the books again...got two exams this week :( Until then, happy crafting!

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