Sunday, October 3, 2010

60 Invites: DONE!

All 60 invites: DONE! within ONE night!
4 different designs; 8 awesome friends>
Close up of Pooh Bear
Close up of Tigger
Close up of Piglet
Close up of Eeyore (my fav!)

OMG...what a night, in fact what a WEEKEND~! I've been so busy with family and school work/studying for exams, that I was so thrilled to have a night with friends and craft! Added to this bonus, this group of friends don't really craft, so we were laughing the whole night through and just enjoying everyone's company.

A lot of this I don't know what the name of the paper was...or which paper I even used. So here's a list of what I used:
Lots of Bazzill Cardstock/Bling/Soothies
Cricut Pooh Font Cartridge
Spellbinders Labels 17 (I think..)
Distress Ink
and the "Please Join Us" is from a special friend! <3 Let me check with her and see if I can post her identity. But for now, you know who you are and...Thank you!

To all my other friends who helped me with this project: Annie, Cara, Nanea, Cary, Ashley, Risa, Lani, and Tracey: THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! You've saved me days! My daughter will love you forever too!


Donna said...

So!!!!!! You're having a little girl. She will be just like you. I can already see her beautiful smile. What a blessing.

Kelli said...

YEY! Your back on! :D I just mailed out your package. <3

Yes, it's a girl. :) James and I are very excited.

Michele said...

They turned out so cute! Good job!