Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Grease Monkey

Originally I was going to use a different photo but some where along the lines, I found this photo and I thought, OMG! I'm going to use this one!  This is one of the family's favorites!  Well, me, my husband, and his side of the family adore it.  His family is entirely made up of mechanics.  It's funny because they (my husband and his two other brothers and one of the girlfriend) were all trying to get our daughter to smile for a good 10 minutes, I walk out there with the camera ready in hand and say, "Hi hunny! Who's the pretty girl?" Click. I was the only one who got it.  Everyone else was one second to late.  It was so classic!

I wanted to add something else to this page but after staring at it all day long, and even though I think something is missing, my husband pointed out, "we are simpletons naturally my crafts will follow in that manner.  Plus too, I like it just the way it is".  Aww!  That made my night. 

Materials Used:
Photo Size: 5" x 7"

Best Creations Inc., Transportation (this sheet is double sided and both sides are displayed in the layout)
Bazzill Cardstock Ebony  (Scalloped Circle)
Bazzill Lava (Title)
I don't know the color name of the gray but I do know it is a Bazzill Cardstock

Stickles Christmas Red

Elegant Edges - Scalloped Circle - cut at 9 1/2"
Street Sign - (grey and inner-most) Circle - I used my Design Studio to line up the sizes, I didn't check to see what the sizes were.  Sorry.
Mickey Mouse Font - Title cut at 1.3" used the Cricut Craft Room for fonts.  It's WAY easier than Design Studio.

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