Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Nana's 91st Birthday

On April 4, 2010 at 3 A.M. in the morning, my husband and I woke up to a phone call. It's one of those phone calls you never want to receive. My nana passed away at the young age of 92. I remember all that week, I had the hardest time studying or concentrate on any of my lessons. We spent hours and hours at the hospital. I remember staying the night with her on the first night she was there. She was so scared. I can still hear her voice telling me to "close the curtain, the light is shining through the window", even though we were in the hospital. I remember cheering her on when she would eat 50% of her breakfast, lunch, or dinner. In fact praising her for eating so much when it really was so little. She had taught me so much while growing up. I think about her everyday, remembering all the good memories I have of her. I can't wait until I can tell my daughter about her great grandma.

I found this page at the bottom of my cardstock pile and thought I would share a little piece of my nana with you. :) I have no idea if I posted this page before, if I did...sorry for the repeat.

Close up of the family <3

Thanks for looking! Have a great day!

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