Friday, June 26, 2009

You gotta see this!

Hey guys! My husband's cousin came over a few weeks ago and we (James, Shawn (James' brother), Leah, Sergee, and Yasha) had lunch together at Liliokalani. Here are some ADORABLE pictures that we took together, the EXTREMELY cute ones are with Yasha and Shawn.

Leah, Sergee, and Yasha
Baby Yasha
Mommy and Baby
Uncle and Baby

These are the moments that touch your heart!

I will be scraping these moments as soon as the credit card balance goes down. ;) From what I learned, crafting can rack up your bill VERY QUICKLY! Nitey nite guys, I gotta go to sleep (I still haven't prep for tomorrow's class! EEEKK! Tonight, I was enjoying my beer, soy beans, my hubbie and Shawns company). G'Night! I'll be up at 6 am to prep.

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