Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Happy Wednesday and Happy Birthday to DONNA~!

Happy Wednesday! Today we had a wonderful birthday party (down at Island Scrapbooking, of course) for Donna! Happy Birhday Donna (again). We love you and appreciate everything that you do for us and the store! I'm so glad, we made your day feel extra special (well, I hope we did!) =P

But, in other news today, until Michele got in "The Greeting Farm" stamps and since I started surfing their webpage, I noticed their "Digital Stamps". Didn't understand what they were, or how it worked, I bought some...and can you guess what were the results...? Yeah, I LOVE THEM! When I got home, I googled "Digital Stamps" and found a blog that listed a DIGITAL STAMP HEAVEN! I added it to my side bar, but here it is Hopefully, I linked that correctly (Sorry, I'm still new at this and just going with the flow). Look on the RIGHT SIDE BAR, under "Digital Stamp Sites". I just looked at the first website and...let's just say...WOW! Cute, cute, cute!

Anyway, enjoy...I hope you find it helpful!

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