Sunday, June 21, 2009

A Wonderful Sunset

Hi everyone! Sorry I have not done much lately, James and I had our anniversary on Thursday, and we headed over to Waikoloa Friday afternoon. This picture was from Saturday. We had such a wonderful time!

On Friday, we checked in and got ready for dinner, James made dinner reservations at Roy’s. The food there was delicious, amazing, awesome, the best! Saturday, we woke up around 8am, had breakfast ordered to our room, our friends came over around 12pm, we swam in the pool all day (James and I got BURNT!) after our friends left, drove into Kona, and went to Petco (we bought our kitties a new toy) and we ate at Genki Sushi. We had to put the menu next to the belt so we could see what we were eating. Then we came back to Waikoloa, saw the sunset, went back to our room and watched a movie. This morning, after waking up in pain from the sun-burn, somehow made it down to the restaurant and ate at the breakfast buffet. The funniest part about breakfast was, James made his plate and took it to the table, came back to grab juice for us and was waiting with me for my toast to finish. When my toast finished, we looked at our table, and I kid you not, there was 15 BIRDS EATING HIS BREAKFAST!!! LMAO!!! We totally forgot to take a picture of that moment! Dough! The birds even took one entire piece of bacon! Poor baby had to redo his plate. Packed up and now we are back at home.

We had wonderful time at the Marriott, we are glad to be home, but surely miss staying at a hotel. Until later...have a great day!

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