Wednesday, July 29, 2009

5 Special Gifts for 5 Special Friends! <3

I made little gifts for today's play date down at Island Scrapbooking. They (Michele, Tracy, Donna, Debi, and Jenny) are such wonderful friends to have! We are always giving each other tips, tricks, ideas and of course, gifts. It's so funny because when I finished making these sets, I thought to myself "Donna going to ask me how to make this tomorrow. I should make her the instructions while I'm not lazy." Today when I gave everyone their gifts, Donna asked me: "So is this with Big Island Packaging Bags?" I said, "yup that's the one". Here's what I knew what was coming: "How'd you make this?" I chuckled as I gave her the instructions while she was asking how I made them their gifts. She laughed and said, "you know me don't cha!" We all had a wonderful day today, I finished my presents for my accounting club executives, I'll post the picture after Friday. That's when they will be getting it and I don't want to spoil their surprise! Until then hope your have a great week so far!

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